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DOMAIN NAME - Registry and Renewal: A domain name is essentially a unique, easy to remember name used to identify your website. http://www.yourdomainname", becomes your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or website address. It can be as simple as the name of your company. Domain names can only consist of letters, numbers and hyphens and are not case sensitive. We will work with you to find, register or renew the best name available for your website! $20/yr
WEBSITE HOSTING:  Hosting means that we will store your site files on our server and make them ready and available when anyone navigates to your website address. $25/yr
Small, 4-5 static page websites are typically 4-6 hrs
Medium, 10-20 static page websites are typically 15-30 hours
Large, interactive sites with administrative access are generally 30+ hours
NEW E-COMMERCE WEBSITE* (with up to 20 products) - *subscription fees may apply $800

Additional E-Commerce site Product

WEBSITE RE-DESIGN (Modifying an existing website) $150/hr
WEBSITE MAINTENANCE When you purchase your website through us, you automatically receive 3 months of maintenance FREE to cover any minor changes or tweaks to your website. After that time period, any changes to your website will fall into this category of service. $150/hr
ZOHO CRM CUSTOMIZATION Customization of Zoho's CRM platform to meet your specific business needs. Specializing in automation and integrations. $165/hr
ZOHO CRM TRAINING Zoho CRM User and Administrative Training. $165/hr




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